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My name is Paul and I am the creator of Son of Man! We are a brand with a mission to support every involuntary homeless person in New Zealand. 


I started this brand because at a conference in 2018 I believe God put it on my heart to make a real tangible difference in the lives of the homeless. We then launched on January 1, 2019.  


There are a few different definitions of homelessness but my main priority is those without shelter. In 2018 this number was 3,642 according to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. 


In John 6 is the story about how a boy gave his 2 fish a 5 loaves of bread and Jesus multiplied it and fed over 5000 people with it. I believe the investment I have made into Son of Man, God will multiply it and use it to make a difference in more lives than I could do on my own. 


I try to document as much of the journey as I can with our fans. You can check it out here:





I greatly appreciate any support you make towards this crazy vision. 



Creator of Son of Man